What is mBOSS?

mBOSS automatically collects, aggregates, correlates, distributes and visualises network information. Sources for data include planning tools, trouble ticketing, fault management, CRM, probes and configuration management systems within an operator’s organisation. mBOSS is continuously processing and modelling large volumes of data from these sources into useful up-to-date information.

The system design emphasises

Visualisation focused where technical network-based information is converted into intuitive graphics and reports

map analysis

100% web based where no active plugins are required


Fully integrated system with automated data collection, aggregation and presentation

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Modular design supporting various levels of functionality and user communities


mBOSS solution components

On an overall level the mBOSS solution consists of the following parts:

  • mBOSS applications with a common framework providing unified user experience, data access, user application access across different user domains
  • Business logic and enablers that perform various value add operations on the collected data, including automated monitoring processes, data enrichment and data analysis and presentation.
  • The mBOSS datamodel containing a snapshot of the 2G, 3G and 4G network topology as well as various associated extensions such as fault data, measurements and customer usage data.
  • mBOSS DataServer with source data integration, ensuring robust, fully automated and quality assured data collection from a large range of data sources.