mBOSS Engineering and Analytics


The best single interface, use case oriented product for network visualisation and analytics.

Specifically designed for in-depth location and area centric analysis of your network

CEA module features

  • Combines multiple network domains into a common interface enabling powerful correlation for network cause and effect analysis.
  • Quickly identify coverage and network changes that relate to complaints or degradation in network service
  • Supports analysis of areas, locations and multiple locations
  • Geocode batches of addressed and analyse them together, identifying common trends and network behaviour

mBOSS Engineering and Operations

mBOSS Engineering offers domain specific modules to cover your network management and monitoring needs:

  • FaultiX for fault and network disturbance visualization and simulation
  • CoveriX for coverage service visualization, simulation and Radio node details.
  • InfraX for infrastructure and network topology visualization
  • TransmitiX for transmission network and topology.
  • NMC combines TransmitiX and FaultiX to support the analysis of transmission related network disturbances
  • PerformiX for network KPI visualization and reporting

Engineering module features

  • Designed for network overview and drill down analysis, supporting both big screen overview and
  • Combines multiple OSS domains into a common module for insightful decision making.
  • Fully automated data production and synchronisation. Robust and reliable, the mBOSS platform has been relied on by leading operators since 2001.
  • Real-time information about what is happening in the network. Up to date, and specific.
  • Simulate network changes, outages or restoration.
  • Highlight specific network nodes and the service they provide.