mBOSS Solutions

At CellVision we develop and deploy software solutions that help mobile operators to run their operation more efficiently and provide better services to their subscribers. Our products’ foundations are built on operators’ demand for solutions that convert complex network data and processes into useful and simple applications. The application portfolio continues to increase based on customer input and internal expertise.

Below you will find four distinctive solutions that showcase the products in our mBOSS portfolio.

Location Oriented Operations and Engineering

Consolidated network visualisation for your operational and planning data.

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Network Complaints Handling

Turn your network complaints from noise to knowledge with mBOSS. Capture, manage, report and act on complaints to improve service quality and customer satisfaction, without hurting your bottomline

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Customer Care

The way you interact with your customers is changing. Customers expect more information about your network and high levels of service than ever before. mBOSS lets you take control of the situation.

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Mobile Coverage Marketing

As your largest investment, your network deserves the right marketing

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