Customer Care

With mBOSS you can empower your customer facing channels to answer the difficult questions about your network without the fuss. We take your back office network information and make it understandable to everyone. From predicted data speeds in your 3G and 4G network, to service disruptions and their expected recovery times. It’s covered in mBOSS Customer Care.

mBOSS is designed to work the way you need it to; either integrated to existing care systems or as a standalone module. With mBOSS you can increase your first time handling ratio for network related calls to above 80%. For an even bigger impact you can handle them directly on your customer facing website. It saves you money and making customers happy.

First call handling rate through mBOSS Customer Care

Minutes of training required:
Yes, it's that simple.
The target closure time for a network related call

Time is money; mBOSS makes the difference between a 5 minute call and a 60 second one

All operators aim for a low handling time on customer calls, but that shouldn’t result in a poor customer experience when it comes to difficult network questions.

mBOSS Customer Care gives you all the answers in just a few click. Your employees can confidently deal with network related cases within the time they are allocated, and customers will be satisfied.

To take things further, our advanced diagnosis engine incorporates network data with your decision rules into a simple, single answer. It’s just one of the ways that mBOSS makes your care processes more effective and efficient.

Information transparency to all your channels. Take control of online network communication before unofficial channels do!

Information about your network service shouldn’t be a secret, your customers are already experiencing it and will speculate if you don’t become the authoritative voice.

mBOSS Network Status maps empower your customers to review network status information on their own. Our products are specifically designed for customers of all abilities, tailored from years of experience to ensure the message is clear and understood.

mBOSS online portals have taken the heat off Scandinavian operators call centers since 2009, receiving upward of 100,000 hits per hour during network crisis situations.

Customer hits during a network crisis

Fully integrated with the telco grade stability that you need

Up to date and accurate information is mandatory for a confident customer dialog.

mBOSS provides the benefits of an automated source system integration, with the saftey of controlled data merging, full source data tracability and telco grade stability.

mBOSS is designed to work under intense loads on a small footprint. It can horozontally scale as your network grows, and is fully compliant with virtualised environments.

CellVision have over 12 years of mBOSS integration experience and more than 70 source system adaptors. We take care of the integration challenges leaving you to run the business.