Location Oriented Operations and Engineering

Your network, visualised

With the mBOSS Engineering suite of products you get the whole picture of your network, fully mapped, connected and visualized in one interface. With nightly collection and resynchronizations to the source systems you can assured that what you’re looking at represents the truth.

mBOSS FaultiX – enabling event prioritization based on customer impact

Understanding the impact to your customers because of network disturbances is critical to reducing reputaitonal damage.

mBOSS Operations shows in real-time the geographical impact of network events, typically on large central screens and engineers’ desktops, enabling quick and accurate decisions to be made.

Users can also simulate outages for planning purposes as well as resoration scenarios in order to understand the best use of resource during major network disruptions.

mBOSS NMC – combining multiple domains into a single view

Correlating transmission and radio networks to identify root causes for network disturbances is a challenging task that not only costs resource for investigation but also customer dissatisfaction.

With mBOSS NMC these two domains are combined providing as single view of transmission circuits & services alongside the Radio and core network.

Users can correlate transmission issues with the related BTS’s and assess the coverage impact to the network leading to faster decision making and improved prioritisation.

Fully integrated with the telco grade stability that you need

Up to date and accurate information is mandatory for a confident customer dialog.

mBOSS provides the benefits of an automated source system integration, with the saftey of controlled data merging, full source data tracability and telco grade stability.

mBOSS is designed to work under intense loads on a small footprint. It can horozontally scale as your network grows, and is fully compliant with virtualised environments.

CellVision have over 12 years of mBOSS integration experience and more than 70 source system adaptors. We take care of the integration challenges leaving you to run the business.