mBOSS Customer Experience Tickets (CET)

mBOSS CET is your consolidated network complaint handling system

Its user interface is designed to make light work of complex multi domain network correlation. Enabling users to get a one click, instant overview of the network situation at multiple locations and across different slices in time.

Ticket management is a breeze with all the features you really need  just 1 click away. We have focused heavily on making CET powerful yet uncomplicated, and stylish yet simple.

Ticket analysis using CET takes
Minutes or LESS per ticket
Using multiple expert systems to analyse takes up to
Minutes per ticket

Collect and exchange data tickets from a wide variety of sources.

Ticket collection is made easy, we have all the bases covered. You can choose to use one of our integrated ticket submission interfaces available in our Coverage Portal, Customer Care or Engineering modules. Alternatively you can channel your network related tickets from an existing CRM / case management tool, an on-line form or even email inbox.

Ticket exchange is dealt with though our pluggable interfaces. For modern data exchange we can support webservice interfaces adhering to OSS/J standards, or for legacy systems we can exchange data using files.

With CET you can also open up bi-directional communication between care agents and back-office engineers through the network problem area feature in mBOSS Customer Care

Automated analysis and response handling to reduce costs and improve satisfaction

CET also comes with a powerful back-end server that can support automated business processes for ticket handling as well as the analysis function. This means a portion of your tickets can analysed, and dealt with without any operator involvement.

  • Cut the time taken to identify the most common network related causes for complaints through automated correlation. For example: identify if the location has been suffering from known network faults during the time of the complaint.
  • Drive efficiency by automating the most common procedural functions. For example auto assign tickets based on ticket classification.
  • Take a totally hands off approach to ticket management by combining these two powerful functions.

CET Features

Custom Design

Purpose designed interface for managing and analysing tickets


Intuitive to use analysis, requiring less training than typical engineering or expert tools that would otherwise be used to perform analysis.


Flexible integration options to collect customer cases from multiple sources.


Real-time data feeds from the network sources building confidence in the system.


Assign, resolve, add notes or provide feedback to the customer. CET is designed to handle the most common case management functions both simply, but also in bulk.


Robust and scalable, running on a small hardware footprint but capable of handling a very high user load.


Automated analysis and customer response based on definable rules.