mBOSS Customer Care

The complexities of your network made simple.

Agents using mBOSS Customer Care can handle the majority of network related calls themselves – with useful, up-to-date related information on coverage and faults in any location

mBOSS Customer Care features

  • Translate complex network information into language that agents can understand using high resolution maps that are colour coded according to the network availability and capability.
  • Fast, intuitive ‘search as you type’ address searching
  • Advanced users can search for cells, sites and faults by ID or name
  • Real-time information about what is happening in the network. Up to date, and specific.
  • Network timeline shows an active,  future and historical view of any network  impacting events on a location.
  • Complete control over how your coverage is represented and aligned with the services that your customers can relate to.
  • Filter coverage services based on the users device capabilities
  • Use case designed interface that focuses on efficiency.
  • View non ‘fault related’ network problems areas that are published from the radio planning department, stemming the flow of known coverage holes to the back office.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your complaint process through the built in ticketing functionality and mBOSS CET platform.
  • Automate the network related business decisions that drive your processes and procedures with the Advanced Diagnosis engine extension. This will allow the care agents to focus more on the customer and their problems and less on the procedures that surround the conditions of the call.

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